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November 16th, 2016 by J

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Everybody likes to play to destress and playtime comes in various forms. Lucy Lawless spends hers in the bedroom, surrounded by ‘toys’. She films herself with her legs spread wide on the bed and fucks her pussy and ass with all sorts of long and hard things, yes, aside from a dildo. She’s got pens, hair brush, and a flashlight, etc. If this doesn’t help you chill, nothing will.

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June 28th, 2016 by J

This warrior princess started young. Lucy Lawless has already been making masturbation clips since she was a teen and of course it will all be pointless if she wouldn’t let a video or two leak for all her fans to enjoy so here’s one for the taking. She doesn’t appear to be shy or anything and why would she be, right? She’s got the body and the face plus the sexual appeal to go with the naughty acts. She seemed so comfortable in her own skin that she’s got all our limp cocks stiffening between our hands and jacking off as Lawless plays with her wet cunt.

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May 5th, 2010 by lucy

If you’ve missed seeing this extremely hot Amazon warrior in action in the TV series Xena, her tits bouncing in every  villain-smashing swordfight scenes a few years ago, then you are in for some awesome boner-inducing news. Lucy Lawless’ tits are back! Now with more sex! Not one to pass up the chance to revive her career, Lucy Lawless agreed to do another contract with the producers of Xena but this time they are going to make it a porn movie. Now isn’t that a way to start your day or what?

Imagine her in a sluttier more erotic warrior costume fighting enemies with her tits out. What about Lucy Lawless naked and tied to a cross while her enemies torture her by forming a line before each of them fucks her creamy pussy. The best ending would be a Lucy Lawless bukkake scene where all of those dudes gather around her and cum all over her sexy face at the same time.

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In Xena: The Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless is this tough and no-nonsense Amazon warrior out to kick the bad guys’ ass all in the name of justice… but this rough and tough chick isn’t all that tough as it looks and we were surprised to have uncovered a bunch of these photos where Lucy indulges herself into some kinky sex play where she gets all bound and tied-up in ropes and muzzled with a ball gag… and from her looks she seems to be enjoying it with gusto! Get to see real explicit bondage photos of Lucy as the “warrior princess” becomes the “bondage princess.”

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August 14th, 2009 by lucy

When you’re a celebrity, it takes great effort to be cautious about yourself whenever you go out in public because one wrong move and you’re sure to hit the tabloids the very next day! And even the mighty Xena wasn’t spared by the prying lens of the paparazzo when these photos started making its way to the Hollywood headlines. Yup, Lucy Lawless gets one of her nipples exposed when she sang the American national anthem during a hockey game as soon as she removed her coat and raised her left arm at the end of the anthem! Cameras all over the place started flashing non-stop and video camcorders continuously filmed those few seconds of nip-slip material… and soon it was all over cyberspace!

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Before Lucy Lawless gained worldwide fame for her portrayal as the ass-kicking warrior princess Xena, it has been rumored that Lucy once posed naked for a men’s magazine and we were curious enough to check it out and do some intensive research for these elusive pictures and eventually we have discovered a bunch of these revealing and sexy naked pictures of her and she is surely one voluptuous vixen that can make you drool with excitement. Just look at these picture samples we have here and see how alluring she can be with those provocative poses she did while displaying her big, juicy tits and hot pussy. This is truly heaven for all of her fans and pervs alike longing for the hottest sleaze this side of pornsville.

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